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Pwll Y Gath Street

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About Mynydd Cynffig


Welcome To Mynydd Cynffig Primary School

Mynydd Cynffig Primary School is a Curriculm Pioneer School

On 30 June 2015, the Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis, announced that the Welsh Government would accept, in full, all of the recommendations set out in Successful Futures, Professor Graham Donaldson’s independent review of the curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales. Mynydd Cynffig Primary School has been invited to become a Pioneer School, representing a critically important and a very exciting opportunity to be part of an all-Wales partnership team that will play a key role in ensuring better learning and higher standards for all of our children and young people and ultimately for Wales itself. There is a real opportunity to create a world class curriculum for Wales which must be aspirational but also realistic. To ensure this is the case, Pioneer Schools such as Mynydd Cynffig Primary School will work in close partnership with their wider clusters, networks and beyond, to ensure that as many schools as possible are part of the design and development process.


Professor Donaldson’s report on the curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales sets out 4 purposes of the curriculum in Wales – that all our children and young people develop as:

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

To achieve this, Professor Donaldson highlights that we must ensure better teaching and learning in all our schools in Wales, to raise standards and to improve outcomes for all our learners. It includes the recommendations that:

  • The school curriculum should be designed to help all children and young people to develop in relation to clear and agreed purposes;
  • The purposes should be constructed so that they can directly influence decisions about curriculum, pedagogy and assessment;
  • All teaching and learning should be directed to achieving the four curriculum purposes.

 Role and purpose of a Pioneer School in Wales

Pioneer Schools, such as Mynydd Cynffig Primary School, will focus on the design and development of the curriculum framework – including content of the new Areas of Learning and Experience, progression steps and achievement outcomes and associated assessment arrangements. All Pioneer Schools will work closely together to challenge and learn from each other, providing a vehicle to realise the new curriculum across Wales, including ongoing, high quality support in developing their skills in pedagogy and leadership. Pioneer Schools will play a key role as pathfinders for the new curriculum, supporting, leading and embedding realisation of the new curriculum framework both locally and nationally – sharing the vision, knowledge, understanding and experience of the new curriculum with their cluster schools and beyond. Pioneer Schools and their Pioneer Practitioners will also have a key role in developing materials and guidance to support the new curriculum framework. Mynydd Cynffig Primary School is a Curriculum Pioneer School for the Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE), focusing on the areas of Art, Dance, Drama, the Media and Music. To develop our curriculum, we have invited a number of ‘experts’ to work with our pupils and we will continue to do so in making learning innovative and exciting.

In accepting our role as a Curriculum Pioneer School, our aims are driven by the four core purposes. We aim that all our pupils will be:

  • Ambitious, capable learners who…
  • Set themselves high standards and seek and enjoy challenge
  • Are building up a body of knowledge and have the skills to connect and apply that knowledge in different contexts
  • Are questioning and enjoy solving problems
  • Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings, using both Welsh and English
  • Can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about
  • Can use number effectively in different contexts
  • Understand how to interpret data and apply mathematical concepts
  • Use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information
  • Undertake research and evaluate critically what they find

…and are ready to learn throughout their lives.

  • Enterprising, creative contributors who…
  • Connect and apply their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products
  • Think creatively to reframe and solve problems
  • Identify and grasp opportunities
  • Take measured risks
  • Lead and play different roles in teams effectively and responsibly
  • Express ideas and emotions through different media
  • Give of their energy and skills so that other people will benefit

…and are ready to play a full part in life and work.

  • Ethical, informed citizens who…
  • Find, evaluate and use evidence in forming views
  • Engage with contemporary issues based upon their knowledge and values
  • Understand and exercise their human and democratic responsibilities and rights
  • Understand and consider the impact of their actions when making choices and acting
  • Are knowledgeable about their culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past
  • Respect the needs and rights of others, as a member of a diverse society
  • Show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet

… and are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.

  • Healthy, confident individuals who…
  • Have secure values and are establishing their spiritual and ethical beliefs
  • Are building their mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy
  • Apply knowledge about the impact of diet and exercise on physical and mental health in their daily lives
  • Know how to find the information and support to keep well and safe
  • Take part in physical activity
  • Take measured decisions about lifestyle and manage risk
  • Have the confidence to participate in performance
  • Form positive relationships based upon trust and mutual respect
  • Face and overcome challenge
  • Have the skills and knowledge to manage everyday life as independently as they can

…and are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

To achieve the above, Mynydd Cynffig Primary School is committed to:

  • developing a warm, stimulating and happy environment with shared values for harmony and well-being contributing to a caring, co-operative community;
  • promoting an inclusive approach where all members of the school community are engaged in learning;
  • developing lively, enquiring minds in each child so that they ask questions, discuss rationally and apply themselves with energy to all tasks and activities;
  • ensuring every child’s needs are met in their learning;
  • securing the full co-operation and understanding of parents, governors and others concerned with our pupils;
  • striving for continuous improvement and encouraging all within the school to do their best.

Our Staff

Mynydd Cynffig Primary School aims to provide a happy, caring environment where everyone, pupils, governors, teachers and staff, is encouraged to achieve their best.

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